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Fill out the form below to request a date with me. Please read my rules and etiquette guidelines. If you’re not already familiar with my rates, you can check them out here.

If you are seeking out a virtual service (like camming or sexting) or want to meet within 24 hours, please text or email me instead. (You can find both my email address and phone number on Tryst and Slixa.)

If you wish to communicate this way, please list a number that can send and receive texts.
City, state, and, for outcalls, neighborhood.
Please use the date/time within your timezone.
Incall: You visit me. Outcall: I visit you. In some areas, I do not offer the option for one or the either, so please check to see if I include that information in whichever city you're located.
Absolutely no PayPal or Venmo. I only use GiftRocket for when the date is scheduled over a week later. I accept tips through adult sites as well.
Even though these entries don't always reach me, they're the most convenient for me, and this method of contacting me is the way I will take you most seriously as an inquirer. Emailing is the next best option. I receive too many texts from timewasters.
This just helps me with knowing which sites are worth focusing on. If you found me elsewhere, feel free to tell me where.


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