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Before meeting me in-person, please familiarize yourself with the following rules I have laid out. You will be expected to abide by them at all times. Not doing so may result in me blocking you, reporting you to authorities, and/or warning other sex workers, depending on the severity of your offense(s).



1. When you initially reach out to me via text or email (rather than filling out a booking form), please include: 1) where you found me (e.g. Tryst), 2) where you are wanting to meet, 3) when (date/time) you would like to meet, and 4) acknowledgement that a deposit is required. Do all of this even if you have questions. If you don’t follow this protocol, I will either ignore you or send a copy/paste message. It will also make me take you less seriously.

2. You will not harass or assault me through any means of communication or in-person.

3. Do not waste my time. If you are trying to talk with me with no intention of scheduling a date, I will ignore you. If you are considering whether or not I’m the right match for you, please read through my website to try to figure out as much as you can. If you decide to contact me for further information before requesting a date, bear in mind that if your questioning requires over three responses from me, I will cease to reply to you unless you compensate me for more communication.

4. I require at least a $200 deposit for private dates ($100 for a social date) and any travel fees. I require an additional $200 inconvenience fee if you want to see me on the tour I’m currently doing. I accept cryptocurrency, Amazon giftcard, Cash App, and for dates scheduled at least a week in advance, GiftRocket. I absolutely do not accept PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Deposits are nonrefundable, unless I am the one who cancels or there is an event out of both of our control (for example, a hurricane).

5. If you try to pursue an activity I have not consented to, including if I tell you to stop and you refuse to listen, I will leave the date with no refunds, and refuse any future meet-ups.

6. I will not tolerate any attempts to shortchange me.

7. I charge for any extra photo or video requests. If you badger me for free content or services (like dirty talk), I will label you as a timewaster and proceed to ignore you. So-called “verification” photos you will also need to pay for; I am verified on several escorting sites and many more porn sites. You can view many of my Pornhub videos for free.

8. You will not let other people at the location where we meet up know the nature of our appointment. For example, do not interact with hotel staff to inquire about me.

9. If you ghost while in the middle of inquiring about booking a date, you will pay me $100 if you ever try to book me again. If you decide in the middle of the conversation that you are no longer interested or that the booking would be out of your budget, please politely tell me so instead of leaving me hanging.


If you agree to these rules, you may proceed to booking a date with me.


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