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Don’t know how much time you want to spend with me yet? No worries – just look through my date menu, and when you’re ready, fill out the Request a Date form. If you have any questions (be sure to look through my site first!), email me at and either me or my assistant will help you out. Please note that while I can do shorter visits (such as half hours), I still require the minimum hourly rate.

$200 Social Date

Whether you’re nervous, or you want to get to know me in an easygoing, public environment, this is for you! Have fun with me over lunch or dinner.


$500 One Hour

As you’d expect, one hour with one-on-one time with me. This also counts per hour, so if you would like to book two hours, that would be $1,000, and so on.


$700 One Hour BB/CIP

One-on-one time with me with a more natural feel to it. This also counts per hour, so if you would like to book three hours, that would be $2,100, and so on.


$2,000 Overnight

Be forewarned, I sleep 9-10 hours.


$2,500 Overnight BB/CIP

Sleepover with some natural fun in the mix.


$5,000 Weekend

Friday evening to Monday morning…what doesn’t sound fun about this?


$6,500 Weekend BB/CIP

Also from Friday evening to Monday morning, but with even more natural enjoyment.


$15,000 Full Week

Up to 168 hours filled with my company!


$20,000 Full Week BB/CIP

Up to 168 hours with me, with an all-natural feel.


$50,000 Full Month

Yes, an entire month with me! Are you up for it?


$75,000 Full Month BB/CIP

After a full month with me, you think you could ever go back to that dullness you call regular life?



Now that you’ve seen what I have to offer, go on and Request a Date with me!


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