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Whether you are looking to book a date with me or with another escort, I’m going to highlight some forms of etiquette that you, as a client, can abide by. At the very least, these guidelines make us escorts feel more at ease and more willing to meet with you. Some escorts require a few of these listed as hard rules, so be sure to check out what individual escorts require before booking. You may check out more detailed descriptions about these etiquette forms by looking at my blog.


1. Schedule a date instead of booking the day of, especially last-minute. We can’t guarantee our availability in such short notice; we may not even be awake! If you assumed we were ready to meet you right that minute simply because you wanted it to be so, with no evidence that we were even available, we at least deserve a friendly explanation.

2. If you reach out to us, and we respond – whether sooner or later – please reply to your messages. We’re not glued to our phones or computers 24/7. A word of warning: many escorts block people who reach out but never got back to us because they consider it a form of disrespect and timewasting (which it is), so if you plan on reaching out to any of these escorts in the future, recognize their humanity by being polite and acknowledging they have a life of their own.

3. If we ask for a deposit, pay it. If you don’t trust us, you shouldn’t be seeking out our services.

4. Have cash in hand at the beginning of the date, and be ready hand it off to your companion right away or when they ask for it.

5. It’s not good to consider negotiating because it is a waste of our time. We already have dozens of wannabe clients who ask for steeply discounted dates, or even request we do so for free! Our email inboxes, voicemails, and messaging apps are filled with those kind of people. It’s time-consuming enough to have to read through them, much less respond to all of them with no guarantee of a meet-up. Make our lives easier, and just accept our prices. If you don’t like them, find another escort. If you don’t heed my advice, be prepared for a lot of escorts to block you.

6. Submit to our safety vetting processes, which may include looking at your government-issued ID, checking out your phone number, and seeing your work email address. If high-profile politicians and celebrities are able to respect our safety needs (and they do), then you should be able to as well. We’re more scared of what you can do to us than what you think we could do to you. If you can’t accept that, don’t seek out our services.

7. Stop asking for free pictures, videos, or services. If we offer any of those, we do so for payment, as I do. Others don’t do those services at all, so if they say so on their profiles, or if you ask if they provide those things and they decline, don’t press them.

8. Don’t say, whether privately or through social media like Twitter, “Come to my city!” unless they are specifically asking where they should stop by on tour. Politely ask if they have plans to come to your city, or if you have the funds, offer to pay for their travel there. If they plan to come to your city because you requested so, schedule a date and pay their deposit.

9. Please – for the love of the world’s gods – read our profiles! If you’re reading this of your own volition, you’ll be surprised to learn that the vast majority of don’t read our profiles, not even our rates. Seriously, I’m planning to write a report on the people who have reached out to me from September 2020 on.

10. Keep your paranoia about being scammed to yourself. We are professionals; we have nothing to gain and all to lose if we resort to scamming clients out of pocket change. Deposits are not scams; we don’t have to verify ourselves to you (for quite a few of us, you can purchase custom pictures or videos and confirm that we are who we say we are); many of us spend hundreds or even thousands per month to advertise. Don’t make a show out of checking your wallet and other possessions to make sure nothing was stolen at the end of our appointment – that’s just disrespectful. We deal with scammers everyday, and have no sympathy for those of you who demand we try to prove ourselves to you in some way.

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