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Whether you really want to see me or are making an excuse to visit the beautiful State of Washington (where I’m usually – not always – located), you have the option to Fly Yourself To Me (FYTM). If you’d rather me do the traveling, check out my Fly Me To You page. I’m not sure if FYTM is an acronym anyone uses for this, but I’m sticking with it.

My rates for FYTM will be include my standard rates, including $700 or $1,000 per hour with the required deposits. You may book for however long or however many sessions you want during your stay. However, since you are going out of your way to visit me, no matter how long you book for, I will include one social date with no additional fees or deposit. Because I do not have an incall, you will either have to book a hotel room or similar, or give me the funds (along with the deposit) so I can book for us. If you need a suggestion, I can recommend local hotels.

Book now. Please keep in mind that the more advance notice I have (a few weeks or months ahead), the more able I will be to accommodate your scheduling needs.

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